What People Say About Barbara McHugh

Here's what a few of Barbara McHugh's satisfied clients have said about her work:

"Barbara's grasp of craft and skill has helped me immensely. Her unerring sense of appropriate stylistic usage and how to cut irrelevance hits the target. Every time."
--Cara Black, bestselling author of Murder in the Marais, Murder in Belleville, and Murder in the Sentier. Cara was nominated for an Anthony for "Best First Novel." Murder in the Sentier received a starred review in Publisher's Weekly.

"I would not think of turning something over to my publisher without Barbara McHugh's brilliant and meticulous editing."
--John Martel, author of legal thrillers including The Alternate. and New York Times best-seller Billy Strobe.

"Barbara provided excellent structural criticism and a great deal more: she intuited the heart of my story, which I had failed to see. As a result of her insights, I was able to strip away irrelevancies and write my novel the way it was meant to be."
--Meredith Moraine, author of Kris of Death and major contributor to the Traveller's Tales series.
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